*Gone: @@@
@@// goodbye is not forever

officially on 4th of January 2014 this blog is permanently deleted. this is a side blog just to say goodbye and inform that sehunne is no longer exist and active. this blog was actually handled by two people Jessie (yeseoul) and me. I have to delete this blog because the both of us are getting busier with our personal and school life especially me. this year of 2014 is the year where I have to take my studies seriously for my O-test-level next year. moreover, these past few months I'm the one who always updated this blog because Jessie was busy with her school started last year, back on October or so.
sehunne is actually a side blog made by the both of us to express our love for EXO personally here but it looks like we have to stop. don't get it wrong but we do still love and support them but this time we just express it on our personal-main blog. 2013 is a remarkable year for me and EXO boys themselves because it was the year where I met awesome followers and kind people out there, the year where EXO totally ruled the whole song charts, trophies and fans around the world, and they are still.
I think that's all from me. oh! if you want to know who am I, I'm actually teenpocent. you can find me there and it's a multi fandom blog f.y.i. that blog is on semi-hiatus too. weekdays: off // weekends: active